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Flyte Camp has got nothing on this guy!


I own a business renting out vintage campers for festivals, weddings and temporary back yard guest houses.  We currently have 12 vintage campers in total (a few are reissued 61' Shasta's that we plan to replace with originals). Our business would not be possible without the talent of Scott Whitmire at Retromodern . He is honest to a flaw, passionate about vintage trailers and extremely reasonable.


I'm convinced that Scott can do anything. While some vintage camper restoration companies use a crew of contractors and sub contractors (which you will pay handsomely for), Scott is pretty much a one man show. He does; trailer rescue and transport, tongue extension for easier transporting, electric, plumbing, woodwork, polishing, painting, light rebuilding, HVAC and much more. In the rare case when unique specialty work is needed, he has all the connections. We needed to remove two windows from the side of a 35' 1951 Spartanette that we are making into a washroom. Scott knew a guy that repairs airplane fuselages. The end product looked as if it was original. Fantastic!


Scott can keep the vintage feel of any camper/trailer while providing all the modern comforts we are all used to. Believe it or not, in larger ones, he can actually hide the HVAC unit in existing cabinetry so that you have silent and even cooling through the trailer! I've looked at many trailers  over the years and never seen better work.


I'm a bit reluctant to share our secret with anyone since I plan to use Scott for all my future work but if you need any work on your vintage camper, use Retromodern.


Feel free to call me to discuss further.

Tom Pagano (Junebug Retro Resort)

Asheville NC




We were bitten by the vintage camper bug a number of years ago (about 2008) when we bought a 1960 Yellowstone that was in remarkable, nearly original condition because it had been stored in a shed its entire life. Scott at Retro Modern served as our consultant. He advised us where to start in keeping our little Yellowstone weather tight. It didn’t need much work, but the bathroom was a mess. Scott helped us try the most conservative fix at each point along the way. Eventually, when it became clear nothing but replacing the potty would do, he pointed us to a vendor who actually had a vintage potty just like ours.


Then, when “silver fever” struck again, the infection was transmitted by a 1955 Airfloat that wasn’t in such good shape. It was too cool to pass up but we never would have felt up to the challenge without Scott’s consultation. It turned out the camper needed a complete skin-off rebuild, which required shop space Retro Modern didn’t have at the time and, lo and behold, we found a boat builder who was nearly perfect for the job. Scott at Retro Modern continued to serve as our consultant and contractor and, without him, the project would never have been finished.


Best of all, Scott even has a great eye for design and décor so he helps us keep our design/remodel choices well grounded in the fifties from whence our Airfloat baby came.


Rebecca K.

Atlanta Ga.

Scott is super talented and tailors your restoration to suit your goals. If I bought another vintage camper it would be brought to Scott for repair or for restoring. It is a blessing to have him located in the Upstate of South Carolina. He is honest and ethical throughout the entire restoration process. He also has vintage campers of his own! See him before the word gets out about his craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

Bret Phillips

Spartanburg SC

Thank you so much Scott and Melinda! What a wonderful experience buying our beautiful, restored camper from you! You both are the nicest, most helpful people we have had the pleasure to interact with. Not only was the camper “jaw-dropping” beautiful with custom wood work and new built-ins (dining table, bed, bathroom!) but you both took the time to teach us “newbies” the 411 on all things “camper.”

This experience was way better then we could have been imagined! Thank you for your hospitality, education and beautiful craftsmanship. My husband has a detailed eye and has restored antique homes and tractors- he thought that everything was done so well with high quality materials. Thank you for your patience in answering all our questions and we hope to pull up to camp near you guys sometime! Thank you again!

Tracy and Nick

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