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1966 Space Division

Rockwell Corp. Trailer
No kitchen or bath
Rockwell Corp. Logo

I purchased this Airstream "as-is" (full of Airstream treasures and trash) and began researching the history of it.  When it was last used, it served as an office for a camper business in Traveler's Rest, SC. The owner used it like this for several years, and then parked it.  It sat unused for years.  Upon purchasing it, I set about cleaning it out. As I mentioned, there was a lot of trash, but there were also treasures (including a vintage film projector and authentic Airstream films). The interior of this camper is like something I have never seen.  It has a built in office table and includes an office chair.  There is no bed or bathroom, and one of the closets is lined with aluminum.  Furthermore, these features are all factory built. When I began polishing the exterior, the outlines of an emblem were revealed. It is difficult to make out, but the shape is consistent with the Rockwell Corporation and it appears to say "Space Division." I have contacted Airstream and The Rockwell Corporation both, but I have been unable to find any information on this camper. 

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