1953 Spartan Tandem

When we purchased this camper, the previous owner had already begun the restoration process - specifically the kitchen and bathroom. However, we added our touches to both of those spaces and finished the restoration.  We built a queen-sized bed (and topped it with a memory foam mattress), replaced the wall paneling that had water damage, repaired the floor and topped it with bamboo flooring,  added a ducted air conditioner unit, added a new tongue, replumbed it, updated the furnace as a shelving unit, added 53 Chevrolet tail lights, added a Zip Dee awning, installed a custom black water tank, added recessed lighting in the kitchen, installed custom curtains and blinds, rebuilt the screen doors and added copper screens, updated the electricity with a new breaker box, added a Dishmaster faucet, installed a Kenmore vintage stove, polished the exterior, added a custom Spartan emblem, and more. We have used this camper as our personal camper for the past several years, and I'm partial to it. 

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