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1967 Caravel

Shane interior 8.JPG
Shane interior 10.JPG
Shane interior 9.JPG
shane interior 7.JPG
Shane interior 6.JPG
Shane interior 2.JPG
Shane interior 3.JPG
Shane exterior 5.JPG
Shane interior 4.JPG
Shane interior 1
Shane exterior 2.JPG
Shane exterior 1.JPG

This Caravel came to me from a client who had a clear vision of what he wanted. We removed the clear coat from the exterior and began the polished to a high shine.  The interior was gutted and rebuilt.  New plumbing and electrical systems were installed in addition to holding and waste tanks. The client had a big hand in the design of the interior. He chose a grey vinyl plank flooring, faux marble laminate, rose gold hardware, an accent wall of barnwood planks, navy blue stained cabinets, a grey velour pin-tucked dinette, and baby blue wheels. We think it turned out great, and so does our client!

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